For less stress, breathe right.

A vicious cycle
Stress triggers shortness of breath, which over time weakens breathing muscles.
When breathing is shallow, the diaphragm and abdominals weaken and lose
the strength needed to take deep breaths. The roles of the primary and
secondary muscle groups should never be reversed.

Steps to healthy breathing
Count the number of breaths you take in one minute.
If it's more than 14, you're breathing too fast.

1. Exhale by pulling in your stomach, letting the air flow through your nose.
2. Inhale slowly through your nose. Your stomach expands, not your chest.

It can take over ten seconds to fill lungs.
Calming exercise.

Breathe in positive.
Breathe out negative.
Breathe in love.
Breathe out fear.
Breathe in joy.
Breathe out anger.
Breathe in happiness.
Breathe out sadness.

Do this exercise a few times a day.
And when you're feeling stressed.

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