Richard W. DeVito, LMT

Richard is currently a massage therapist in NYC, with a degree in Occupational Studies and Massage Therapy at New York College of Health Professions, Division of Holistic Health Education and Research.

Massage therapist / trainer for
The Village Open Squash Tournament 2006
and The US Open 2007

Locations -
US Athletic Training Center / 515 Madison @ 53rd
Wellspace 32 Union Square East / Suite 410 - 411
Optimum Wellness Center / 530 Grand Street / F12C

516 - 769 - 4231




“Loved the treatment"
Troy Murphy, NBA


“Richard DeVito’s massage therapy has helped me
beyond any expectation that I may have had before
we started the work. As a result of the sessions over
a period of time, I have experienced a complete opening
up and release of tension that I have had for years.
Richard has been able to work on the adhesions that
created the tightness I’ve had in my neck and shoulders.
I no longer suffer from these symptoms and now have
a much greater range of motion and a lightness, which
has replaced the aches, and stiffness of the past.
I highly recommend Richard and I am most grateful
for his work.”

Calvin Klein, designer


“With enormous admiration for someone
who understands the power of hospitality.
Thank you for all you’ve done to help me.
Danny Meyer, Author / Restaurateur


"RIchard has been a healer of mine for almost 5 years.
He is very intuitive. I feel the benefits of Richard’s therapy
for days following our session. His work is truly about mind,
body and spirit. I can’t speak more highly enough about him.
Lisa Gossels, Emmy Award-winning Documentarian


“Best treatment I’ve ever had.”
Wael el Hindi, Squash Pro


“Much better, your treatment was great”
David Blaine, Ilusionist

"Richard is not just another massage therapist.
He has his own unique techniques that work magic;
moreover, he is an engaging, caring human being.
I have proudly recommended RIchard to many
friends and collegues. "
Frederic Block, Federal Court Judge


"I competed and completed the Iron Man
World Championship with Richard’s help."
Thomas Krauss


"Thanks RIchard for the top treatment
during the Village Open 2006.
Nick Matthew, Squash Pro